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SICYC’s aim is to create and maintain a sound Network for Cruising Yachties and individuals who enjoy boating. Each member (all members are “Vice Commodores”) representing an individual Nautical Location, i.e. an Island, Islet, River, Bay, about which they have some knowledge so as to be able to provide advice or assistance to other “Vice Commodores.” As an SICYC Vice Commodore, your social commitments could well be your most demanding responsibility.

For a one off cost of $80 per person you can become a non voting “Ordinary Life Member.”

Membership includes an SICYC “Vice Commodore” Polo Shirt, “Life Membership Card,” access to the SICYC website Member’s area, Newsletters , along with a myriad of discounts which are made available by our growing sponsor companies.

Membership includes postage and handling of Member Polos and Member Cards.

Couples memberships

SICYC’s aim is to also accommodate couples, especially where both members use a common email address.

Once you are on the “Join Now” page, you will see a “Couples” button. Click on this and you will be able to add details of both of your details along with your unique shirt sizes for your member Polos.

You will each receive a SICYC Polo and Member Card.

Couples Membership is also only $80 per person ($160 per couple).

SICYC communications will then be sent to the common email address supplied.

IMPORTANT: If you desire using separate, unique email addresses you will need to each join as Individuals.

The nuts and bolts

Below are the conditions by which you join. Please read them carefully.

  1. Only one person can apply for “Ordinary Membership” on a Single Member application form.

  2. Couples, especially those using/sharing the same email address, will need to join as a couple.

  3. You may Join Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club Inc as an “Ordinary Member” online. All Ordinary Members of SICYC Inc are known as “Vice Commodores” and are Life members. Ordinary Members of SICYC Inc are non voting members.

  4. When joining SICYC, you must choose a Nautical Location (i.e. a river, bay, island or islet etc). You will become “Vice Commodore” of your chosen location and this will be displayed on your SICYC Inc “Life Membership Card.” This location will also become your username.

  5. You will be asked to choose a personal password, this combined with your nautical location will give you access to the members area. Before completing your application please record your Nautical Location and password for future use.

Please choose your eNews location. This will place you in a mailing list for a specific area. Please choose the location closest to your residential location.

Single Vs Couples Membership
Only one person can join on a Single application form. If you are a couple, especially if you share the same email address, you must check the appropriate, Couples, Membership.

The cost of posting your Polo/s and Card/s in Australia, is included in your $80 per person membership fee.

In becoming a member you will receive an SICYC “Vice Commodore” Polo (please ensure that you select your polo size). If you have a boat you may also wish to purchase a “Vice Commodore” Burgee.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard.

These Sponsors have dug deep to support SICYC. We ask you do the same for them when you can. Click on a logo to visit our sponsor site.

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It takes more than deep pockets to get behind SICYC. These valued supporters have been there for us too. Help them when you can.

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About Shag Islet

Shag Islet is situated in the Gloucester Passage in the Whitsunday Region in North Queensland, Australia (20 03.8 S ... 148 26.5 E). It is a small, rocky islet with a beach which is exposed on the southern end on a falling tide.

There is nothing on the islet except at the annual SICYC Rendezvous when hundreds of "Vice Commodores" gather on the last week end in August each year. MAP

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Greg Canning,
President & Vice Commodore Dockside

P.O. Box 5028. MANLY Q. 4179.

[email protected]

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