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Become a Vice Commodore of Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club

In fact, every member of SICYC is a "Vice Commodore".

The concept is to create and maintain a Network for Cruising Yachties and individuals who enjoy boating. Each "Vice Commodore" representing an individual Nautical Location ie an Island, Islet, River, Bay, about which they have some knowledge so as to be able to provide advice or assistance to other "Vice Commodores" However, in SICYC, your social commitments could be your most demanding responsibility.

For a one off cost of $80 (including postage and handling), you can become a non voting "Life Member". Membership includes an SICYC "Vice Commodore" Polo, "Life Membership Card", access to the SICYC website members area, Newsletters Monthly, along with discounts which are made available by our growing sponsor companies.

There are no ongoing fees.

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We are "exclusively - non exclusive"

Fly your SICYC Vice Commodore Burgee with pride.

SICYC is a not for profit incorporated Association and its primary charity is The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Since May 2009, just over $654,000 (AUD) has been raised by SICYC and its members to promote for Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness.


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SICYC Creek to Road
Mar 14, 2017

Oct 29, 2015

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About Shag Islet

Shag Islet is situated in the Gloucester Passage in the Whitsunday Region in North Queensland Australia (20 03.8 S ... 148 26.5 E). It is a small rocky islet with a beach which is exposed on the southern end on a falling tide.

There is nothing on the islet except at the annual SICYC Rendezvous when hundreds of "Vice Commodores' gather on the last week end in August each year. MAP

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