Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club Inc is a "NOT FOR PROFIT" incorporated club, the aim of which is to establish and maintain a Social Network for Cruising Yachts persons.

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What our members say about SICYC

The Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club
By: "Vice Commodore" Evan Johnston

‘G’Day Johnno would you and Helen like to join us for fun sailing in the Whitsundays and then go to the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club (SICYC) rendezvous up in the Gloucester Passage on our CAL46’, asked our friends Rus and Di. Would we ever! So started our love affair with the SICYC Rendezvous some 3 years ago. What a great way to have fun, fun, fun and get together with yachties from all over the world.

SICYS? I hear you ask, well for those who don’t know, it’s the fastest growing club in Australia and possibly the world. SICYC has been in existence for 7 years and has over 4000 members spread across 14 countries. It doesn’t own property and is not in competition with mainstream yacht club as many members belong to various other yacht clubs. SICYC was created by an ex Air Force officer, Ken Thackeray and he has a great story to tell on how SICYS was founded but I will leave that to him to tell you at the rendezvous.

SICYC has developed into a social network for like-minded boaties who get together, share stories, experiences and enjoy a drink or two. This becomes a bit of an “assistance network” for the cruising group. The SICYC hold multiple social events throughout the year and across Australia for fun and a spin off being fund raising.

As many of our members fall in the prostrate cancer age range, therefore the Prostrate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) has become our charity of choice. Last year the proceedings from the Rendezvous alone amounting to over $80,000, which was handed over to the PCFA. Over $288,000 has now been raised for Prostate Cancer research over past years and the total is climbing.

Simply join SICYC and enjoy the company of fellow cruisers and come to the rendezvous. Why not join the SICYC and be part of the fun! Joining is simple… Complete your application online by clicking here. For only $65, receive a club shirt and become a life member and you too can enjoy the benefits of a fantastic fraternity on the water.

To maintain our exclusively nonexclusive concept of boaties of all walks of life having fun, all members of SICYC, or ‘Shaggers’ as they are colloquially called, all become ‘Vice Commodores’ and share the same membership number on joining.   I’m Vice Commodore, Southern Moreton Bay Islands and my wife Helen is Vice Commodore, Cobby Cobby Island!                   

Where’s Shag Islet? Shag Islet is a tiny islet in the Gloucester Passage at the top end of the Whitsunday Islands. It’s about the size of a football field has nothing on it except a flag pole but it is well worthy of official recognition by all who attended. It’s just off Montes Reef Resort on the mainland.

This year’s rendezvous will be between the 25th and 28th August with anchorages off both Montes Reef Resort and the Gloucester Resort either side of Shag Islet. Holding is good over a sand bottom and there is plenty of room for everyone. This year we expect some 200 boats (power and sail) with approximately 1000 people taking part. Don’t worry about arriving early as fun ashore starts when you arrive. ‘Early Bird’ activities will commence on Tuesday 23 August at both Cape Gloucester and Montes Reef Resort.

If you want to be involved in assisting with events, a Volunteers meeting will be held at Montes Reef Resort at 3.30pm 24th and 25th August at Montes Reef Resort. Why not help make it all happen?

On the 25th August there will be a ‘Meet and Greet’ complete with crab auctions and crab races races, plus live entertainment from 4.30pm. The Band Stand and Dance Floor will be erected right over the beach to add atmosphere to the evening. Drinks and meals will be available from Montes at reasonable prices. Raffle tickets for great prizes and Shaggers apparel will be available at all events.

Ever tried to cram 1000 people onto a football field while hosting a sausage sizzle plus dancing amongst the rocks to fabulous music? Well on the 25th August the annual Shag Islet Party will start at 11.30 am, with kite flying and live entertainment. Looks great with a sea of people on the islet all wearing their blue SICYS shirts. Courtesy boats will be operating to ferry people from the anchorages to Shag Islet

On the evening of the 25th the fun continues with Evening Sundowners and live entertainment at Montes Reef Resort. Again the courtesy boats will be in action.

But wait the fun still goes on! The 27th August will see us host ‘Hold Hands Across the Blue’ for Prostate Cancer at 12 noon. What’s this you ask? Well everyone is invited to hop in their dinghy, take drinks and nibbles and assemble in the shape of the Prostate cancer Foundation of Australia emblem with live entertainment on the super yacht “Norseman” beaming across the assembled dinghies, it’s a great afternoon. Ever tried to dance in your dinghy? Many of us have at the ‘Hands across the Blue’

That evening THE MAIN EVENT takes place at Montes Reef Resort. It’s the Parrothead Party Entertainment will be provided by the fantastic Parrothead Band .. “The Barbary Coasters”, they really do keep the crowd on their feet. So dress in a Parrothead theme, be in the running for the best dressed prize. This will be a fun night with a group beach photo of everyone present, there will be auctions, raffle draws plus fireworks from the beach. Again the courtesy boats will be operating to and from the anchorages.

Still not partied out? Well on the 28th we have the famous annual Pirates Parley, this is the farewell event and is not to be missed as there is a lot happening. So dress in pirate theme, again there will be prizes for the best dressed pirate and pirate queen. Lunch will be taken care of with pig on the spit (maybe pigs on spits given the numbers attending).

Further raffles and auctions will take place in support of PCFA throughout the day with celebrities walking the plank in true pirate fashion. The main raffle prize is a restored HQ Holden station wagon wrapped in Shaggers livery with hand painted surfboards on top. A truly great prize donated by Llewellyn Motors of Ipswich and Print Image Signs. This great prize will be drawn at 3pm. Raffle tickets will be available throughout the rendezvous.

The final event will be the announcement of Funds raised for Prostate Cancer Awareness and Research during the rendezvous.

As an added attraction the SICYC “Parrothead Radio” will broadcast on FM throughout the Rendezvous.

So what else is happening in these fun packed 4 days? There will be prizes awarded for the ‘best dressed’ boat by day and by night. Keen judges will be on the water looking at all dressed boats. There will be helicopter local area flights available for $65 with optional special flights to reef destinations. Jet ski tours and fishing tours will round out the activities.

There you are, the 2016 SICYS Rendezvous is well in hand, come and be part of this great event. Its bigger than Hamilton Island and Whitsunday Race weeks and you don’t have to own a racing yacht!

Simon and Julie "Vice commodores" Swordfish Point and Sunlovers Bay

Gidday! We saw the SICYC flag and thought we would come say hello, I'm Karen and this is Rob we're from Lake Macquarie.

"What a nice welcome" I thought to myself.

We had just arrived in Noumea, New Caledonia after sailing 5 days from Brisbane. We spent the first week resting, eating French almond croissants, cheese ,wine and meeting others . Then headed off to explore the many anchorages and bays of New Caledonia.

                         "Port Moselle Marina, Port Moselle Marina, this is Goodonya , Goodonya, request a berth for a few days to do repairs".   "Goodonya, Goodonya, this is Port Moselle Marina , staff will direct you into your berth and take your mooring lines".

We proceeded to our berth and as usual in the Marina the service of the staff was excellent and friendly. No sooner had we tied up and we saw Rob and Karen heading towards us from another bay in their dinghy, They heard us talking to the marina about needing to do repairs and said they had lots of spare everything on their yacht, if we needed help. Such is the ways of SICYC Shaggers . We didn't need repairs , thanked them for their concern and invited them aboard. Captain was embarrassed and had to fess up over sundowners and lots of laughs that we had lost our outboard and tender and needed to replace them.

I'll leave that saga for another tale.

What a fantastic club to be a part of.

Greg "Vice Commodore" Dockside

"As people who love a good party, love the water, cruising, and spending time in amazing company my wife and I were keen to meet others of a similar ilk. After hearing about SICYC and the "Exclusively Non-Exclusive" motto shared by it's membership we simply had to join... That was in 2011 and we've never looked back! This eclectic group of fun loving folk are always keen to welcome new friends over a quiet drink or a barbecue, in small groups or large, either on or off the water. The new friendships we've made at numerous "Sundowners", the adventures shared each year at the annual rendezvous in the Whitsundays, and on the 2013 "Sailaway" through Malaysian and Thai waters have left us begging for more. In all my days I have never met such an enthusiastic and infectiously happy group of people. Whether or not you own a boat, whether or not you ever plan to matters little... The endless options for social interaction with fantastic, friendly, fun loving people can't help but make you smile.

SICYC... Be ready for the times of your life!"

Carolyn "Vice Commodore" Cassim Island

"SICYC has introduced me into the " WORLD OF BOATING"!!! I started sailing some 2 1/2 years ago and have become part of the yachting fraternity where I have been overwhelmed by the friendship and comradeship of the many people I now class as my dear friends.

Someone is always willing to offer advice & guidance and share their many sailing experiences and adventures to which I am in awe. The SICYC Rendezvous held in the Gloucester Passage each year is marked in my calendar and is an event not to be missed. Happy Sailing."

Brent Vice Commodore Little Island and Lorraine Vice Commodore Ocean Reef Marina from West Australia

"We just love being a part of this very fun loving network of people. The camaraderie of it all is unbelievable meeting like-minded people who enjoy sailing, boating & socialising. The Westies now have regular outings and sundowners.

We also get the odd sailor & holiday maker passing through Perth who look us up in the data base & want to know when the next Sundowner is and of course we always oblige. We never miss the yearly Rendezvous and The Westies, as we're now known, have become a familiar face at the RV and the fun and excitement are next to none. Its not only fun to meet up there every year, but it's a wonderful event where we have the chance to donate to a great cause Prostate Cancer."

Vice Commodores Kingfisher Bay and Tin Can Bay of Hervey Bay

"After 35 years together, George finally decided to pop the question. Picking myself up off the floor,"but where and when could this be possible" I ask? Easy !!! says Hubbie to be. Montes Resort during the 2012 Rendezvous. Of course!!! Why wouldn't you want to share this most important day of your life with some of the loveliest people we have come to know, at one of the most idyllic places on the east coast. After seeking the approval of Ken and Rhonda it was full steam ahead. It could not have been better.

Our beach wedding fitted in nicely with the Parrothead theme of the day and family and interstate friends could not believe how friendly and warm the atmosphere was. So much so that many became instant members of this incredible group. Joining the Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club was one of the best things we ever decided to do in our retirement as it meant meeting up with friendly, likeminded people who through their generosity have managed to raise many thousands of dollars for Prostate Cancer. Wherever we cruise we always try to display the club's burgee, as we have found this to be the easiest way to let others know we are friendly and approachable."

Sue and Mark "Vice Commodores" Newport Waterways and Gilligans Island

"We love the cruising lifestyle especially sailing the Queensland Coast and Whitsunday region. During our travels we discovered these people called 'Shaggers', at first we weren't sure what it was all about, however, they all seemed such a happy bunch we decided to attend one of the club meetings at Raby Bay. We were apprehensive about attending our first meeting not knowing a lot about the club, however, what we discovered was other people with similar interests who actually enjoyed life just as much as we did. Since that day we have never looked back. We have made so many great friends through the club and while out cruising the coast. No matter what port or anchorage we pull into we know there are fellow 'Shaggers' not too far away because we all identify ourselves through our club burgee.

There is nothing better after a day of sailing than sitting on beach enjoying sundowners watching the sun go down chatting with other 'Shaggers'."

Rod "Vice Commodore" St Kilda


"The SICYC Rendezvous have been running annually in August for a number of years now starting in 2009 but this was to be my first one. I had been invited by friends to stay on their beautiful Dufour "Mystique" for the event and how could you say "No" to an opportunity like that. So, having packed enough clothes for a month including jumpers, tracksuit pants, socks and the like, I headed off to Tullamarine Airport to leave a cold, blustery winter's day in Melbourne for Hamilton Island.

On arriving at Hamilton Island I had to quickly divest myself of a jumper and undo shirt buttons to try and get comfortable, yes sweat was already running in that wonderful tropical sunshine. Onto the ferry and half an hour later I was at Abel Point Marina. It had been eleven years since I had last sailed into Abel Point and the changes were already obvious.
Off the ferry, purchase a few essential supplies and I was soon walking down A Finger to my friends and Mystique. A kiss and a hug and some abuse from their cockatiel and we had cast off lines and were leaving Abel Point and headed north for Gloucester Passage. The celebrations weren't to start for a few days but we were going early to help with the prior organisation. The winds were slight so we were motor sailing but it was great to feel the gentle roll of the boat and hear the ripple of the water as we sliced our way through it.

A few boats had already arrived in the anchorage so we circled for a little bit before finding an appropriate spot just off from the Eco Resort, dropped the pick, backed up to set it and killed the motor. We were here! The dingy was quickly unloaded and we made our way ashore. Old friends were there, so kisses and hugs all round, a coffee and then off to Montes Resort five hundred metres down the beach to where most of the activities were to be held.

At Montes all of the accommodation had been booked out months ago and folk had settled in. More hugs and kisses all round with a real sense of excitement in the air. Already it was clear to me that this was something special, there was a feeling of community with genuine warmth in the greetings and multiple conversations erupting constantly. Like the movie says, "Build it and they will come!" Already there were people from all over Australia there as well as from overseas but the locals clearly shared ownership and they were busy erecting marquees, building stages and dance floors and bringing in seating. Others were off servicing and registering a barge that was to be taken to Shag Island for other activities. Yep, this was going to be something big.

Over the next couple of days work continued at a frenetic pace, multiple trips to the airport to collect folk flying in, allocation of tasks and urgency increasing as more boats continued to arrive. The number of yachts was to build throughout the event to over one hundred and eighty with remarkable diversity. There were trailer-sailers, wood, steel and fibre glass yachts, catamarans, tri-marans, sloops, ketches and motor yachts, but all were there with one purpose in mind – to celebrate the brotherhood of cruising. The program kicked off officially on the Thursday with the signing on of new members. Over the four days almost one hundred new members joined, taking membership to over two and a half thousand.

I guess part of the attraction is this is a mutual support group with members all over Australia as well as fourteen other countries in the world. Already the club burgee is well known throughout Australia and is an instant invitation to say "Hello Sailor". Sail into any port where there is a resident member and there is friendship and support if needed – all for a small one off payment that includes the club polo shirt. Cruising into Airlie Beach "Shaggie" a late model station wagon donated by a club member is available to other members for a modest donation and the replacement of fuel used. Join and instantly you are a life time Vice Commodore of SICYC receiving monthly newsletters, discount cards to the likes of Hogs Breath cafe and access to more laughs than most people can handle.

During the four days some fourteen hundred people participated in the event, all for the cost of a $15.00 wristband which provided Tai Chi on the beach in the mornings, live music at many of the events which participants danced the night away to, fireworks, valet dingy parking on Shag Island for the BBQ there, Polynesian Dance displays, on separate days a Polynesian dress-up and Pirate dress-up with prizes for the best costumes and Best Dressed Boat prizes for night and day. There was crab racing, kite flying, port and starboard toe nail painting, hair cutting by a bikini clad beauty, auctions of donated prizes such as a week's bareboat charter in Taihiti and the Whitsundays, a month's free marina rental for both a catamaran and a mono hull at Airlie Beach.

It wasn't just all fun though, apart from the significant input into the local economy particularly the venues of Montes Resort, the Dingo Beach Hotel and the Eco Resort, over $40,000 dollars was raised for Prostate Cancer and proceeds of the Pirate Day went to the local Volunteer Marine Rescue service, this being a significant fundraiser for them, recognising their service to the sailing community.

The event has become so notable there were representatives of the local press, a film crew making a documentary for Travel TV, the editor of Cruising Helmsman and a representative of the Queensland Tourism office. During the program there was also ABC Radio interviews of Ken Thackeray, who with his wife Rhonda, founded the club. After the event there were farewells to new friends made and promises to keep in touch and we sailed out of Gloucester Passage and back into Airlie Beach. The sadness of leaving was tempered by the sight of a whale close to us. Then it was back on the plane and back to wintery Melbourne. Ah well! My first action on going back to work was to apply for leave for August next year. Like so many others bitten by the SICYC bug, I will be returning for the fun. See you there, don't forget to say "Hello"."

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Shag Islet is situated in the Gloucester Passage in the Whitsunday Region in North Queensland Australia (20 03.8 S ... 148 26.5 E). It is a small rocky islet with a beach which is exposed on the southern end on a falling tide.

There is nothing on the islet except at the annual SICYC Rendezvous when hundreds of "Vice Commodores' gather on the last week end in August each year. MAP

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