Man of Iron Ship of Steel.


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The epic tale Vic Meyer and his journey building and skippering the famous “Solo”.  Written by our own VC Terranora Creek (Kevin Bourke) this book is a real page turner for any mariner.  We have multiple copies of this sensational book, generously donated to SICYC by the author and as such every cent of the urchase price goes directly to our fundraising coffers.  Rest assured, you won’t find this book at this price anywhere else!

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Vic Meyer, man of iron; iron by trade and iron by temperament, was the owner, builder and skipper of Solo. She arrived on the Sydney ocean yacht racing scene in 1955 like a runaway train, winning every major ocean race in Australia. Not only first yacht across the line but also on handicap, testimony to both the skills of Alan Payne her designer and her hard driving skipper. When Vic tired of racing he took himself cruising and in the twelve years to 1975 he crossed the world's oceans several times, having all sorts of adventures and grabbing the headlines with his penchant for female crews. You can read the first- hand account of these cruises by most of the girls who 'walked the plank' to experience life at sea under Vic! The Ship of Steel didn't stop there but went on and safely bore a bunch of scientists to the Antarctic and back before being put to work to earn her keep taking tourists sailing in the Whitsundays and later in Moreton Bay. Painstakingly researched by Kevin the book is a comprehensive account of the almost 60 year history of Solo including a large range of pictures and factual records. Dick Smith…Australian adventurer bought a copy of my book and replied What a wonderful book you have written about the story of Vic Meyer and Solo.


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