Limited Edition 2022 Rendezvous T-Shirt PRE ORDER


PRE EVENT ORDERS! Get in early to avoid disappointment
These high-quality, Crew-Neck Men’s, or V-Neck Ladies, polyester T-Shirts are a must for the well-dressed shagger at the 2022 Rendezvous.
Presenting a stylish cut, in a light-weight interlock 120-130 GSM Polyester fabric, designed by our own VC Ian Anderson, these shirts are sure to please even the most discerning shagger.

And they’ll last too, neither print nor fabric will fade, they’ll resist sunlight and are crease resistant. A bargain at only $40 for a unique piece of Shagger History.

There will be a limited number and range of sizes available at this year’s Rendezvous (Cape Gloucester Resort 25th to 28th August) Make sure you aren’t disappointed by pre-ordering now for delivery before, or collection from the Rendezvous.

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