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Please Note: Only one person can apply for "Ordinary Membership" on each application form.

A separate form is required for each applicant.

You may Join Shag Islet Cruising Yacht Club Inc as an "Ordinary Member"  online ... All Ordinary Members of SICYC Inc are Known as "Vice Commodores" and are Life members. Ordinary Members of SICYC Inc are non voting members ...


When joining SICYC, you must choose a Nautical Location (ie a river bay, island or islet etc). You will become "Vice Commodore" of the chosen location, will be displayed on your SICYC Inc "Life Membership Card", and this location will also become your username.

You will be asked to choose a personal password, this combined with your nautical location will give you access to the members area .... before completing your application please record your password for future use.

Please choose your eNews location. This will place you in a mailing list for a specific area. Please choose the location closest to your residential location

Please remember that only one person can join on a single application form. If you are a couple you must each apply separately. The cost of postage, in Australia, is included in your $65 membership fee.

In becoming a member you will receive an SICYC "Vice Commodore" Polo ( Please ensure that you select your polo size ). If you have a boat you may also wish to purchase a “Vice Commodore” Burgee.

Click here to join.


The management committee of SICYC is known as the Rat Pack and committee members are known as "Bilge Rats". The SICYC committee ( Rat Pack) can appoint management committee members who meet the following critera:

1. Have been a "Vice Commodore" for 2years

2. have contributed to the values and ethos of SICYC, and

3. be a fit and proper person

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Become a member

Become a “Vice Commodore” and gain access to the SICYC Events Calendar, The Monthly Newsletter, and the full list of “Vice Commodores” across the world.

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